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Cabarlah Gymkhana

Cabarlah Gymkhana - 8:30am, Sunday 10th August 2014
This is a great gymkhana to attend as it has ALL the State events except one. Good practice for States!



Sunday 10th August 2014

March Past 8.30am

Sports Grounds, 9864 New England Hwy, Cabarlah. All Entry & Exit via Shostaki Rd.  PIC QFTW1268 

Nominations:  $20 per competitor (includes first aid levy) Payable in one amount (with completed nomination form) by club representative. Prior emailing of nominations would be appreciated or nominations can be mailed with club cheque to: Cabarlah Pony Club, PO Box 269, Highfields, 4352, by Monday 5th August

Free camping and yards available Sat/Sun, including electricity, showers and toilets.

All enquiries to Secretary at  or 0407987191

Chief Steward: Jim Eldridge 0418729438

 Program of Events

 ♦ March Past                         ♦ Best Presented

♦ Hack Class (7-S)                ♦ Rider Class (7-S)

♦ Flag Race                            ♦ Maroochy Bend

♦ Barrel Race                         ♦ Cambooya Classic

♦ Running T                            ♦ Scudda Ho

♦ Cabarlah Caper                   ♦ Sporting Figure Eight

♦ Bounce Pony (All)               ♦ Snake Race (L,6,7)

♦ Bondfield Bend (8-S)        

♦ Jumping AM2 (L,6-12) Ring 1

♦ Jumping AM7 (13-S) Ring 2


Plus Feature Barrel Jnr & Snr  Champion Rider Jnr & Snr

1st to 4th in each age group
Lead class, all riders receive ribbons
March Past Sashes 1st – 4th



1st to 4th - 6-16, S, A.

All Lead & 6 who did not receive a trophy

Club with Highest Points Perpetual

Junior Champion Rider (7-12 years)

Senior Champion Rider (13 years - S)

Junior Fastest Barrels (12 & U)

Senior Fastest Barrels (13 & O)


Age Groups

L     Lead any age (non- competitive, all riders get ribbons)

A     Associates                   11    11 years

16    16 years                       10    10 years

15    15 years                       9     9 years

14    14 years                       8     8 years

13    13 years                       7     7 years

12    12 years                       6     6 & U (unaided)

S     Seniors


AM2 - 12 & Under: Table A - One round at Ideal Time;

AM7 - 13 & Over : Table A - 1st round not against the clock with time allowed. 2nd round: Competitor with clear round must remain in the arena for a jump-off against the clock. A competitor not starting jump-off within 30 seconds of judges bell incurs elimination

A canteen will operate throughout the day.

Please be aware:

    1. Each club MUST carry out a gear and uniform check of their riders, prior to riders entering arena
    2. Our Club’s Chief Instructor reserves the right to warn then eliminate any rider on the basis of abuse of animals or people.
    3. Stewards will be appointed to accompany each group.
    4. Only authorized persons are to be in the ring at any time.
    5. Points for L & S will not count in club championship points.
    6. The club reserves the right to alter events and conditions as it sees fit.
    7. A tie will be resolved by a count back of ribbons.
    8. All disputes must be accompanied by $50 & handed in within thirty minutes of conclusion of the event and the decision of the Disputes Committee will be final.
    9. One horse, one rider - one rider, one horse.
    10. Bit and bridle used in the March Past must not be changed for any subsequent events.
    11. All riders must wear PCAQ approved helmet and boots.
    12. Full Club Uniform to be worn at Presentation and throughout the day – no uniform, ride HC.
    13. DISCLAIMER: Neither the organizing committee nor PCAQ accepts any liability for any accident, damages, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, spectators or any other person or property.

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